KDE Plasma 5.9.5 Is the Last in the Series, KDE Plasma 5.10 Is Coming End of May

KDE Plasma 5.9.5 is here more than a month after the release of the KDE Plasma 5.9.4 update, which most probably many of you use on your favorite GNU/Linux distributions. But the time has come to update your installations to KDE Plasma 5.9.5, the last point release in the series, adding more than 60 improvements across various components. Among the components that received attention in the KDE Plasma 5.9.5 maintenance release, we can mention the KWin window manager, Plasma Discover package manager, Plasma Desktop, Plasma Workspace, Plasma Networkmanager (plasma-nm), KScreen screen management software, Milou dedicated search app, as well as the libksysguard library, Plasma SDK, and kde-cli-tools.