Kernel Recipes 2015: registration open!!

hupstream will organize the 4th edition of Kernel Recipes, Sept. 30 to Oct 2 in Paris.

We have started working on Kernel Recipes 4 years ago with Willy Tarreau. The main goal was to create a yearly meeting in France and give the opportunity to meet the guys implied in kernel.org. But we wanted to organize it so that it can be less formal and more “human” than most of the existing meeting in Europe or in the US. That’s why the max number of expected people is about 100. There is no main line for the conferences but rather quite an opened one: current burning topics, future of kernel.org, project organization, security, relations with other free software projects, relations with hardware manufacturers, …

All conferences are organized in a single room so that people do not have to choose what conferences they should attend. Priority is given to pedagogy and exchanges between attendees and speakers. A lunch is planned for all 3 days so that people can discuss some more and we also plan some social events to sustain discussions during informal and friendly events.

While the previous edition were organized on 2 days, people asked for 3 days, which is what we plan for the coming edition.

Kernel Recipes web site: https://kernel-recipes.org/en/2015

Kernel Recipes 2015 speakers: Greg Kroah-Hartman, Willy Tarreau, Eric Leblond, Laurent Pinchart, William Dauchy, Fr??d??ric Weisbecker, David Woodhouse, Jense Axboe, Fran??ois Romieu, Kevin Hilman, Mike Turquette, Jan Kara, Stefan Hajnoczi, Bruno Cornec, Yves-Alexis Perez

Registration opens today, September 1. Places are limited.