Koozali SME Server 8.2 Reaches End of Life on March 31, Upgrade to Koozali SME 9

Those who are using Koozali SME Server 8.2 on their infrastructure are urged to take all the necessary steps to upgrade their machines to the stable branch of the CentOS/Red Hat Enterprise Linux-based operating system, specifically the Koozali SME Server 9 series. There will be no security updates released for Koozali SME Server 8.2 anymore, so if you don’t upgrade now, your systems will become vulnerable to attacks. With that in mind, it’s important here to notice the fact that the Koozali SME Server 8.2 release will be moved into the “obsolete” tree on the official SME Server mirrors, and existing Koozali SME Server 8.x bugs will be closed with the “WONTFIX” flag, along with the entire bug category for this series. If you haven’t already upgraded to Koozali SME Server 9, do it immediately!