Kubernetes Conformance Visualization Tool Launched by Heptio

Today Heptio, founded by two of the creators of Kubernetes to accelerate the growth of the Kubernetes community and make the platform more accessible to businesses of all sizes, announced the availability of Sonobuoy Scanner. I have copied the announcement below and wanted to know if you are interested in covering the news.

Heptio Sonobuoy Scanner provides a user interface to view Kubernetes conformance test results and drills down into the specific areas that failed.

You can read today’s announcement at https://blog.heptio.com/introducing-heptio-sonobuoy-scanner-a-web-based-tool-to-ensure-your-kubernetes-cluster-is-properly-9a0bb2c340b8 and get more details about Sonobuoy Scanner at https://scanner.heptio.com/.

Thanks so much for your time and let me know if you need anything else.

Introducing Heptio Sonobuoy Scanner: A web-based tool to ensure your Kubernetes cluster is properly configured

Today we are excited to introduce Heptio Sonobuoy Scanner–a simple tool that helps you understand whether your cluster is set up properly and meets the conformance standards that the Cloud Native Computing Foundation is establishing for Kubernetes.

Kubernetes has been amazingly well adopted as a way to support the production use of Linux Application container technologies. In the last few months we have seen major players like Oracle, Amazon Web Services, Pivotal and Mesosphere embrace Kubernetes, and AWS and IBM join the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. One of the things that we value about Kubernetes is that you can choose to use a vendor provided distribution, or alternately you can deploy it yourself from binaries that the community maintains.

Because there are so many ways to get a Kubernetes cluster deployed, an obvious question emerges: ???Is this Kubernetes cluster properly set up? Does it work as it should????

A few months back Heptio released the Sonobuoy open source project to give developers and operators a way to test a local deployment of Kubernetes and make sure that it works properly. With Heptio Sonobuoy, users can run the same tests that are used to qualify an upstream Kubernetes release. This provides strong levels of assurance that their cluster is running correctly, and is a useful tool in debugging configuration problems that might arise.

One of the biggest issues our users faced was not only how to run the tool, but how to make sense of the output. With that in mind, we are pleased to announce Heptio Sonobuoy Scanner. Sonobuoy Scanner eases the process of running Sonobuoy and provides a user interface to view conformance test results and drill down into the specific tests that failed.

We believe that while this tool is very simple, the ability to effortlessly and effectively qualify Kubernetes clusters is tremendously important for the community. Much of the power of Kubernetes is in avoiding vendor lock-in and creating legitimate application portability. We aim to support the broader Kubernetes community by providing an easy way to make sure that any cluster – whether it is created by a user from upstream delivered binaries, installed by a vendor, or delivered as a managed CaaS (container-as-a-service) offering – is configured properly.???
See how it works in three simple steps:

Install Sonobuoy in your cluster: Easily copy and paste the generated command to apply the required YAML and install Sonobuoy in your cluster.
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2. View conformance test results: View test results to ensure that a cluster is properly configured and that its behavior conforms to official Kubernetes specifications.
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3. Understand failures: If tests fail, examine the logs, troubleshoot, and re-run Sonobuoy to ensure your cluster is properly configured.
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We invite you to try it out and provide us with feedback. And you can expect to see a lot more from us in the coming months as we continue to focus on making Kubernetes accessible to everyone.


Donny Schell | Program Executive
Voxus PR for Heptio
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m: 509.432.9677