Linus Torvalds Announced the Third Release Candidate of the Linux 4.12 Kernel

The development of Linux kernel 4.12 continues to look good, and today’s third Release Candidate build is a fairly normal patch consisting of two thirds updated GPU, SCSI, NVME, TTY, and Block drivers, and the rest is split between networking stack changes, core kernel, header files, XFS, and arch improvements. The biggest change, however, is a documention update as the Intel pstate docs were converted to the RST format. The development cycle of the Linux 4.12 kernel series is still in early stages and we should expect to see at least four such Release Candidate (RC) versions released in the coming weeks, which can only mean that Linux kernel 4.12 will hit the streets in early July 2017, be it either the 2nd or the 9th, depending on if there will be seven or eight RCs released.

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