Linus Torvalds Announces a “Bigger Than Usual” Fourth Linux 4.13 Kernel RC

The development of Linux Kernel 4.13 is on track, and the RC4 release is here one week after the RC3 one to bring another batch of updates and improvements to supported drivers and components. However, it would appear that RC4 is a bit bigger than usual at this stage, but there’s nothing to worry about because it includes some big networking changes that should have been added in RC3. Apart from the big networking pull, the fourth Release Candidate of Linux kernel 4.13 also ships with some important media changes to Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) files, various updates to the AMDGPU graphics driver for AMD Radeon GPUs, improvements to the EXT4 file system, some scai fixes, as well as a bunch of enhancements to supported architectures.