Linus Torvalds Announces Linux Kernel 4.9 RC5, Things Look Fairly Normal Now

Linux kernel 4.9 could be the next LTS (Long Term Support) branch, and it promises to be the greatest kernel release ever, bringing support for some older AMD Radeon GPUs in the AMDGPU driver, and lots of other improvements. Right now, earlier adopters can get their hands on Linux kernel 4.9 RC5, which looks like it’s a much smaller than RC4. According to Linus Torvalds, things now look fairly normal for the upcoming Linux 4.9 kernel series, whose changes are “extremely boring.” Mr. Torvalds considers this a good thing for the development cycle of Linux kernel 4.9, which should hit the streets in its final, production-ready state sometime in the first days of December 2016, but only if it gets seven Release Candidates and not eight.