Linus Torvalds Wishes Everyone a Happy New Year, Releases Linux Kernel 4.15 RC6

It looks like the development of Linux kernel 4.15 wasn’t interrupted by the winter holidays, nor the new year’s celebrations, so public testers can now get their hands on the sixth Release Candidate, which brings lots of x86 updates, updated USB, RDMA, networking, and sound drivers, some perf tooling, as well as core networking and IRQ fixes. Due to the fact that half the changes included in this sixth Release Candidate of Linux kernel 4.15 are the final x86 PTI work, Linus Torvalds is confident that there will be an eight RC released during this development cycle, which pushes the final Linux 4.15 kernel launch into the middle of January 2018. And that’s simply because of the bad timing of the patches.