Linus will party with Finland’s president on his vacation

Thanks to Antti Pekka
for retelling in English this report
from the Finnish magazine Iltalehti (site registration

The latest buzz about the party in the presidential palace is
that Finland’s computer genius Linus Torvalds got an

Torvalds, who nowadays works in California’s Silicon Valley,
rose to fame as a result of developing the Linux computer operating
system while a college student in Finland.

Torvalds now works for American company Transmeta and is leading
a secret project which will be made public in the spring of

Torvalds will attend the party with his wife Tove. They are on
vacation visiting their homeland with their two daughters Patricia
and Daniela.

“I have seen the Independence day party on TV every year. It
will be great to be there in person. Now I just have to think of
something to say to the President,” says the modest Torvalds.