Linux 4.11 Gets First Point Release, It’s Now the Latest Stable Kernel Available

Linux kernel 4.11 was unveiled by Linus Torvalds two weeks ago, on April 30, 2017, which stayed marked as a “mainline” kernel on kernel.org until today when the Linux 4.11.1 patch landed as the latest stable kernel available for Linux-based operating systems. This, of course, means that it can now be deployed on various stable GNU/Linux distros who want to have the newest Linux kernel. Linux kernel 4.11.1 doesn’t appear to be a major update, and, just by looking at the appended shortlog, we can notice that it changes a total of 56 files, with 374 insertions and 204 deletions. Among the things that received attention in this first point release of the Linux 4.11 kernel, we can mention the networking stack, which includes various IPv6 and IPv4 improvements.