Linux.com: CLI for Noobies: Say What, saytime

“Bad news, buckaroos. I’ve recently learned that noobies will
never venture outside the comfort and glamor of the GUI. The last
thing they will ever do is to dabble in the CLI. That’s a shame,
too, because we were going to have a lot of fun this week
stretching those noobie wings. The guy who told me is a real
professional. He knows the Linux scene inside and out. How
professional is he? Let me put it this way. He has professional
sysadmins to advise him on things like noobies and the CLI. So it
must be true. The bottom line is that if you are a certifiable
sysadmin, or at the very least a power user, you may continue to
read this column. Otherwise — and I hate being the one to tell you
this — you can’t read it. Because you don’t really exist…”


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