Linux.com: I Was On the Edge of My Seat

“At first glance, portions of this article might appear to be in
rebuttal to a nicely written piece that appeared here several days
ago, entitled Microsoft: Who Cares? This is not by design. I got
the idea for this article as I was watching Bill Gates and Steve
Ballmer perform the Microsoft press conference of a few days ago,
and it just so happened that the aforementioned article from Rob
Bos appeared the next day. So with all due respect to Rob and with
gratitude to Linux.com for providing the opportunity for differing
opinions to be heard, let me begin.”

“I do care, and I paid close attention to what Bill and Steve
had to say. I watched much of it from the office on CNBC, and later
that night at home I watched more of it as it was replayed on ZDTV.
I also saw Leo Laporte singing the praises of Windows 2000 a little
later, but that’s another story and I’ll believe it when I see it
for myself. Sorry, Leo. Did I follow this story because I like
Windows? No. I’ve lamented in times gone by about how I spend a
great deal of time trapped in a Windows world and how much I hate
it. Did I follow it because I own Microsoft stock? Nope, I’ve never
owned a single share of it and don’t want one. Was I captivated by
the charismatic eloquence of the speakers? Surely you jest.”

The plain and simple fact is that I watched them because it
would not have surprised me in the least for Bill to have announced
their latest “revolutionary” innovation, MS-Linux….