Linux Gazette: Creating A Linux Certification Program, Part 3

“In last month’s article, I mentioned a “linux-cert” mailing
list that was established to host further discussions on creating a
Linux certification program. That list is operational and has had a
strong volume throughout the last month. There has truly been too
much discussion to adequately summarize, although the points of
consensus mentioned below should give you a flavor of the list.
People have been contributing from all around the world and it has
been great to be a part of it all!…”

In order to promote the teaching of classes in Linux, I am
organizing an alliance of training centers who either are currently
or are planning to teach Linux classes…

“In the process of debating these consensus points, several
participants have suggested we form smaller “working groups” to
refine specific subjects and report back to the larger group. It
looks at this point that at least one group will be launched to
develop some proposals for naming conventions (i.e. “Linux Certifed
Professional”? “Linux Certified Engineer?” etc.) and also to
explore some possible options for the non-computer-based test for
the highest level of certification. Other groups will also be
launched as our efforts continue.”