Linux Journal: Can’t Get Enough Desktops!

[ Thanks to Marcel
for this link. ]

Ah, François, I see you have decided to run Window
Maker–excellent. It’s a great window manager, and I think you’ll
enjoy it. Two weeks ago, you were running GNOME; last week it was
KDE, and now it’s Window Maker. I’m glad you took my advice and
decided to try other desktop window managers. Choice, after all, is
one of the great joys of running Linux.

Quoi? Which one am I running? All of those and a
half-dozen more, mon ami. François, I am not
pulling your leg. My main desktop is KDE, but over here I have
GNOME and over there XFCE, and in that virtual desktop, I have
Window Maker. Furthermore, I have IceWM running in my Window Maker
session. No, mon ami, it is not complicated at all, and I
will show you how it is done as soon as our guests arrive. But they
are already here! François! Vite! To the wine
cellar. Given that today’s menu is more dessert than meal, fetch
the 2001 Niagara Peninsula Riesling ice wine and bring it back
tout de suite…!”


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