Linux Kernel 3.12.63 LTS Has MIPS and Radeon Improvements, EXT4 and CIFS Fixes

Linux kernel 3.12.63 LTS adds many changes, as mentioned before, and you can notice multiple improvements to the MIPS, x86, UM, ARC, ARM, and s390 hardware architectures, many updated drivers, in particular for Radeon, Intel i915, iiO, InfiniBand, MD, MMC, ATA, GPIO, MTD, Ethernet (Marvell), s390, SCSI, TTY, USB, Virtio, and Xen devices, as well as fixes to the CIFS, EXT4, FUSE, NFS, and NILFS2 filesystems. There’s also an updated sound and networking stack with changes to things like Bluetooth, IPv6, IPv4, IrDA, Netfilter, Netlabel, packet scheduler, and more. A KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) fix is also present, and there are a few core kernel changes as well. Please update to Linux kernel 3.12.63 LTS as soon as possible by downloading its sources from kernel.org.