Linux Kernel 3.12.67 LTS Released with Many PowerPC and CIFS Improvements

The Linux 3.12.67 LTS kernel release changes a total of 82 files, with 716 insertions and 391 deletions. Among the improvements implemented in this update, we can mention numerous fixes for the CIFS file system, and a couple more for the EXT4, ISOFS, NFS, UBIFS, and ReiserFS filesystems, as well as small mm, perf, and IPC bug fixes. There are also various improvements for the PowerPC (PPC), x86, MetaG, ARC, and MIPS hardware architectures, and updated drivers, in particular for things like general-purpose input/output (GPIO), MD, MMC, I2C, Ethernet (Intel i40e and Mellanox mlx4), s390, SCSI, UIO, and USB.