Linux Kernel 3.12.72 LTS Brings Updated SCSI and Wireless Drivers, Various Fixes

Linux kernel 3.12.72 LTS is here only two weeks after the previous point release, and it’s a small patch that changes a total of 54 files, with 536 insertions and 301 deletions. The improvements included in this version vary from updated drivers to architecture and file system fixes. It’s important to note here that the Linux 3.12 LTS kernel series was supposed to reach end of life in January 2017, but will be maintained a little longer because some enterprise OSes still use it. Looking at the appended shortlog, we can notice that the Linux 3.12.72 LTS kernel has little bit of everything, starting with improvements for the MIPS, PowerPC (PPC), s390, Xtensa, and x86 hardware architectures, various bug fixes to the EXT4, FAT, JBD2, NFS, and FUSE filesystems. Additionally, the networking and sound stacks received various small changes to things like mac80211, Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP), ALSA, and others.