Linux Kernel 3.18.53 Has x86 Improvements, Updated Wireless and USB Drivers

Coming only one week after the release of the Linux kernel 3.18.52 patch, Linux kernel 3.18.53 is a modest update that changes a total of 42 files, with 264 insertions and 150 deletions, at least according to the appended shortlog. It includes a little bit of everything (see below for details), with most of the changes being networking related, both drivers and core. Among the things that got improved in the Linux 3.18.53 kernel, we can mention the Broadcom brcm80211 and Marvell mwifiex wireless drivers, multiple USB serial drivers (Digi AccelePort, Quatech SSU-100, Ark3116, MCT U232, TI USB 3410/5052), the networking stack, which received small IPv4 and IPv6 changes, the F2FS and 9p filesystems, as well as the x86, ARM, and PowerPC (PPC) hardware architectures.