Linux Kernel 4.1.4 LTS Released with Numerous Updated Drivers, ARM64 Improvements

Linux kernel 4.1.4 LTS is here to updated numerous drivers, especially for things like ACPI, ATA, Bluetooth, Bus, CLK, DMA, EDAC, DRM (mostly Radeon and Intel i915), I2C, hwmon, iiO, MD, MMC, networking (Ethernet and Wireless), NFC, PHY, PINCTRL, PNP, RTC, Staging, TTY, and USB. Additionally, it fixes many issues with the ARM, ARM64, m68k, OpenRISC, and x86 hardware architectures, and adds many improvements to the EXT4, Btrfs, FUSE, HPFS, jbd2, NFS, OverlayFS, and XFS file systems.