Linux Kernel 4.10.4 Released with MIPS Improvements, Updated USB Drivers

nnounced by renowned maintainer Greg Kroah-Hartman on the Linux kernel mailing list, Linux 4.10.4 is now the most advanced stable kernel version available to date for Linux-based operating systems, and it is recommended to all users. According to the appended shortlog, a total of 55 files have been changed in this update, with 463 insertions and 317 deletions. Coming only five days after Linux kernel 4.10.3, the Linux 4.10.4 kernel is a small one, and among the changes implemented we can mention various improvements to the MIPS, PowerPC (PPC), s390, and ARM hardware architectures, a fix for an issue with the EXT4 file system, as well as lots of updates to the USB drivers. The I2C, TTY, media, GPU (Intel i915), iiO, MD, InfiniBand, MTD, and PCI drivers also received some fixes.