Linux Kernel 4.10 Gets Its First Point Release, It’s Now Ready for Deployment

Linux kernel 4.10.1 comes only one week after the release of Linux 4.10, which is now considered the most stable and advanced kernel available for any GNU/Linux distribution that wants to adopt it for their users, so you can imagine that the changes are quite small in number. According to the appended shortlog, a total of 21 files were changed in this first point release, with 259 insertions and 52 deletions. Taking a look at the changes implemented in the Linux 4.10.1 kernel, we can notice that it includes mostly updated USB drivers for the mos7840, ftdi_sio, spcp8x5, opticon, cp210x, and ark3116 serial drivers. A fix is also available for the rtlwifi wireless driver, as well as for the TTY MSM serial driver to address an issue with the module autoload. For the XFS file system, Linux 4.10.1 clears cache and delalloc on buffered write failure.