Linux Kernel 4.15 Now Available for Linux Lite Users, Here’s How to Install It

Linux kernel 4.15 was released the other day, on January 28, 2018, as the first series to include out-of-the-box patches for the Meltdown and Spectre security vulnerabilities, among numerous other new features and improvements, and Linux Lite users can install it on their 64-bit or 32-bit machines running either series 2.x (Beryl) or series 3.x (Citrine) of the open-source operating system, but with a warning. If you decide to install the Linux 4.15 kernel on your Linux Lite computer, you can do that with a simple command, which you’ll have to run in a terminal emulator. However, before anything else, make sure you have a recent backup of your most important files. Once you’ve done that, install Linux kernel 4.15 with the following set of commands.