Linux Kernel 4.4.23 LTS Has ARM and MIPS Improvements, Updated Filesystems, More

Linux kernel 4.4.23 LTS is a fairly normal update that changes a total of 84 files, with 625 insertions and 512 deletions. According to the diff from the previous maintenance release, Linux kernel 4.4.22 LTS, and the appended shortlog, Linux kernel 4.4.23 LTS comes with improvements to the ARM, Blackfin, ARM64, and MIPS hardware architectures, as well as to the autofs4, Btrfs, HostFS, OCFS2, XFS, and ReiserFS filesystems. The networking stack saw some improvements as well, with IPv4, IPv6, Transparent Inter-process Communication (TIPC), wireless, IrDA, and CAIF changes, and there are the usual updated drivers, this time for I2C, GPU, iiO, IOMMU, MTD, power, PWM, SCSI, and networking (mostly Ethernet and wireless) devices.