Linux Kernel 4.4.32 LTS Adds Networking Improvements, Updated AMDGPU Drivers

Just like Linux kernel 4.8.8, the Linux 4.4.32 LTS kernel patch arrives less than a week after the previous update, namely Linux kernel 4.4.31 LTS, which means that it’s not a major release. According to the appended shortlog and the diff from Linux 4.4.31, Linux kernel 4.4.32 LTS changes a total of 47 files, with 275 insertions and 150 deletions, bringing an improved networking stack and updated drivers. As mentioned before, Linux kernel 4.4.32 LTS’ biggest changes are an updated networking stack that includes multiple improvements to IPv4 and IPv6 support, but also some minor changes to things like IEEE 802.1Q, Ethernet, Netlink, packet scheduler, Bridge, and Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP). Moreover, we can notice updated networking (Ethernet and VXLAN) drivers too.