Linux Kernel 4.4.33 LTS Introduces Minor MIPS and Btrfs Fixes, Updated Drivers

Just like Linux kernel 4.8.9, Linux kernel 4.4.33 LTS is here only four days after the release of the thirty-second maintenance update to the long-term supported branch, but it looks like it’s a small version, changing a total of 37 files, with 268 insertions and 162 deletions, according to the appended shortlog and the diff from Linux kernel 4.4.32 LTS announced on November 15, 2016. It looks like Linux kernel 4.4.33 LTS includes mostly updated drivers, for ACPI, GPU (Intel i915), iiO, IOMMU, DMA, CLK, MMC, Ethernet (Intel i40e), NFC, SCSI, TTY, USB, and PINCTRL devices, but there are also minor changes to the s390, MIPS, and ARC hardware architectures, a fix for the Btrfs file system, and an updated sound stack that adds small fixes to the sun4i-codec and Cirrus Logic CS4270 ASoC.