Linux Kernel 4.4.65 LTS Is a Small Patch with Networking and File System Fixes

Coming only three days after the previous patch, in this case Linux kernel 4.4.64 LTS, the Linux 4.4.65 LTS kernel release is a small maintenance update that changes a total of 26 files, with 304 insertions and 78 deletions. We’re quite surprise to see it released alone, as until now it was launched along with new versions of the Linux 4.10 and 4.9 kernel series. Linux kernel 4.4.65 LTS is here to update the networking stack with a handful of TIPC (Transparent Inter-process Communication) improvements and bug fixes, as well as minor Netfilter and IPv4 changes. Moreover, it fixes an issue for the GFS2 (Global File System 2) file system, and updates various media (tuner-xc2028), networking (HostAP), staging (Android ION), TTY, and VFIO drivers.