Linux Kernel 4.9.16 LTS Has Various MIPS and PowerPC Changes, Updated Drivers

Linux kernel 4.9.16 LTS comes only five days after the release of the Linux 4.9.15 LTS kernel on March 14, 2017, and it appears to include nearly the same changes that have been included in Linux kernel 4.10.4. According to the appended shortlog, a total of 51 files were changed in this patch, with 402 insertions and 259 deletions. The biggest part of the Linux kernel 4.9.16 LTS update appears to be updated drivers. In this version we can find improvements for many USB drivers, but also for the media, MTD, PCI, I2C, InfiniBand, MD, networking (Ethernet Broadcom bcm63xx), and TTY ones. Additionally, it adds a bunch to the MIPS architecture, as well as to PowerPC (PPC) and s390.