Linux Kernel 4.9.19 LTS Has Many Updated Drivers, Some Networking Improvements

Among the changes implemented in the Linux 4.9.19 LTS kernel, we can mention updated CLK, CPUFreq, crypto, DAX, GPU (AMDGPU, analogix), HV, hwtracing, iiO, input (joystick, mouse, tablet, touchscreen), IOMMU, MMC, Ethernet (amd-xgbe, Broadcom GENET, Mellanox mlx5), Wireless (Marvell mwifiex), USB, UWB, and Xen drivers, as well as improvements to the EXT4 and JBD2 filesystems. The networking and sound stacks have been improved as well, with various improvements for Ceph, IPv4, IPv6, Open vSwitch, nl80211, cthw20k1, and Realtek, and there are a few bugs fixed for the ARM, ARM64, and PowerPC (PPC) architectures as well. If you’re using a GNU/Linux distribution powered by a kernel from the Linux 4.9 LTS series, you are urged to update to version 4.9.19 as soon as possible.

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