Linux Kernel 4.9.3 Rolls Out with Over 200 Changes, Lots of XFS Improvements

As the headline suggests, a big part of the Linux kernel 4.9.3 patch are various improvements for the XFS file system, but, as expected, the biggest part is updated drivers, this time for USB, wireless (ath10k, rtlwifi), IOMMU, iiO, hwmon, Intel i915, CLK, and a little bit of MMC, PINCTRL, PCI, SCSI, and IRQ Chip. Architecture changes are also present, for ARM, ARM64/AArch64, MIPS, x86, CRIS, s390, and PA-RISC. Besides the usual mm and core kernel noise, the Linux 4.9.3 kernel also updates the sound and networking stacks with mac80211, wireless (nl80211), Intel Skylake, Intel HDA, and Samsung I2S changes. It’s a really big one, the biggest so far since the release of Linux kernel 4.9 on December 11, 2016, and, if you’ve already managed to migrate your systems to this new stable branch, we recommend upgrading immediately.