Linux Kernel 4.9.5 Released with Updated Radeon Drivers, KVM and PPC Fixes

Coming only five days after the previous point release, Linux kernel 4.9.5 appears to be a big milestone that changes a total of 132 files, with 1515 insertions and 821 deletions. There are numerous improvements implemented in this fifth Linux 4.9 maintenance update, but first we’d like to remind you that Greg Kroah-Hartman recently marked this kernel branch as long-term supported (LTS), yet this is not apparent from kernel.org. From the appended shortlog, we can notice that the biggest part of the Linux kernel 4.9.5 patch is updated drivers. This time, the developers managed to improve the support for open-source Radeon, Intel i915, Tegra, and VC4 graphics drivers, but there are also updated I2C, CPUFreq, ACPI, DMA, InfiniBand, Ethernet (Mellanox MLX5), wireless (Intersil), NVM Express (NVMe), PINCTRL, USB, TTY, and remoteproc drivers.