Linux Kernel 4.9 Officially Released with Support for AMD Radeon SI/GCN 1.0 GPUs

Linux kernel 4.9 entered development in mid-October, on the 15th, when Linus Torvalds decided to cut the merge window short by a day just to keep people on their toes, but also to prevent them from sending last-minute pull requests that might cause issues like it happened with the release of Linux kernel 4.8, which landed just two weeks before first RC of Linux 4.9 hit the streets. But the wait is now over, and Linux kernel 4.9 is now here as the mainline kernel, the most advanced version available on the market for GNU/Linux distributions, and it’s coming soon to a distro near you, such as the rolling Arch Linux, Solus, or even openSUSE Tumbleweed, but also to Fedora, immediately after it hits the stable channel, which should happen when the first point release arrives, namely Linux kernel 4.9.1.