Linux Kernels 3.16.43 LTS and 3.2.88 LTS Bring MIPS and Networking Improvements

While Linux kernel 3.2.88 LTS is a very small bugfix release that only changes a total of 5 files, with 10 insertions and 8 deletions, adding a security fix and a couple of networking improvements for the IPv4 and L2TP protocols, Linux kernel 3.16.43 LTS is here to change a total of 48 files, with 366 insertions and 1246 deletions, according to the appended shortlog. Among the things that have been changed in the Linux 3.16.43 LTS kernel, we can mention quite a bunch of improvements for the MIPS hardware architecture, a few updated drivers, specifically for the MMC, TTY, HID, and ATM ones, various fixes to the NFS and sysfs filesystems, an updated networking stack with netlink enhancements, as well as the usual core kernel, security, and mm changes.