Linux News Site Perl Source Code Released

[ Thanks to Francisco
for this announcement. ]

Linux Preview, one of the most visited Linux news site in
Spanish, has released its source code to the public under the GPL

Some features are:

  • Automatic News add and history save
  • Comments per article option
  • Automated Survey
  • 100% Perl code
  • No data bases use
  • No mod_perl
  • Requieres Apache with SSI working

This code is not mature but offers a very low cpu/mem load and
is easy to install and maintain. This 0.1 version needs some work
to add features (anyone?) without using data bases nor

Please don’t look strictly at the code, this is my fist Perl
work and I know there are errors and some barbarities, but it

All the code, comments, HTML, etc are in Spanish, I’m working to
release the English version soon!

You can obtain the code at http://linux.ncc.org.ve/codigo
and visit Linux Preview at http://linux.ncc.org.ve (with working

Have a nice Linux day! 🙂