Linux Top 5: Goodbye, Dennis Ritchie

[ Thanks to Amy Newman for this link. ]

Linux was built on the shoulders of giants. One of
those giants was Dennis Ritchie, who passed away earlier this
month. Ritchie is revered in the Linux community and throughout the
programming world as the father of C. The impact that C has had on
the modern world of IT is inestimable and simply put, it is at the
root of most modern computing.

Ritchie’s contribution to the founding of Unix is also a
monumental achievement.

“Unix and C’s direct and spiritual descendants cannot be counted
but include Linux, Android, Mac OS, iOS, JavaScript, C++, the
genius of the internet, and a planet of developers,” Tim Burke,
vice president Linux engineering at Red Hat, wrote in a blog post.
“The major impact of UNIX is not so much in the elegant code itself
but rather in the culture of sharing work across industry and
academia that became UNIX’s hallmark.”