LinuxFocus: Perl part I

“This is the start of a series of articels on perl. You will not
need any special experience to understand this article. Some
knowledge of any procedural programming language (like C or Pascal)
will make it easier to get started with Perl.”

“Perl is a script language which was originally developed by
Larry Wall. The source code can directly be “executed” by means of
the actual perl program. This perl program is usally installed in
/usr/bin/perl. Perl is in many aspects quite similar to the classic
unix programs awk and sed but perl has gone a long way from there.
Today you can even do object oriented programing and design
graphical user interfaces with perl. Perl can easily be extended in
its capabilities by means of libraries and perl archive at CPAN has
many of them. This first artice will however not go into advanced
topics. Instead I would like to show you some basics and have more
advanced things in later articels.”

Perl is a very useful scripting language. It is univeral
tool to for everyone with some programing skills.

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