LinuxPR: Datalux Showcases IPIX their New Product in the Information Appliances

“Datalux Corporation, a leading manufacturer of rugged and
compact computer products in the United States and worldwide, is
showcasing their exciting new network-computing products in
National Semiconductor Corporation’s Information Appliances (IA)
Pavilion at COMDEX, November 15-19, 1999.”

“The IPIX Series 100 and 200 — which were launched last week at
the American Medical Informatics Association’s Annual Symposium in
Washington, DC — are durable, flexible, integrated,
network-computing devices, which enable hospitals to increase
productivity and contribute to better patient care at an extremely
competitive price.”

IPIX is the ideal solution for organizations seeking
flexible and rugged, high-quality, cost-effective point of
application systems
,” said Robert Twyford, Sr., Chairman of
Datalux Corporation. “We are excited that this network computing
product will enable better communication and information sharing
within hospitals, as well as other markets such as mobile computing
and point of sale.”