LinuxPR: QuestionExchange – Open Support for Open Source

We provide a marketplace for experts and customers to buy
and sell support in a safe environment.

” All our answers have 100% satisfaction guarantee. The
operation is extremely simple. Customers submit a question, the
price they are willing to pay for an answer and the deadline for
receiving the answer. An expert that has passed our certification
exam provides an answer. If the customer is satisfied we pay 95% of
the question’s value to the expert.”

“QuestionExchange is introducing three new and exciting

  1. Expert Referral: Refer an expert and get up to $100.
  2. Customer Referral: Refer a customer and get 20% of all his/her
    spending for 3 months.
  3. Programming Contest: Compete with other experts in solving
    tough problems and win cash prizes.”