LinuxQuiz.Com: New Linux Quiz Has Started

[ Thanks to Andre
for this announcement. ]

Stellenbosch, South Africa.

LinuxQuiz.com would like to
annouce that a new quiz starts
today. In ongoing efforts to give newbies a chance, it has been
decided to periodically wipe the slate clean of the Linux Quiz Hall
of Fame. The new series of quiz questions will be numbered 40
through 79.

The first series of questions numbered 1 to 39, will soon be
made available in our quiz archive.

You will need to register a nick
first before being able to play the LinuxQuiz.

We hope that while you will have plenty of fun trying to outdo
each other (you will be able to compare your ranking with other
Linux users in the Hall of Fame). You will also have the
opportunity of learning useful tidbits about your favorite
operating system (we are continually surprised by the number of
useful things we have already learnt about Linux by setting up
questions for the quiz).

The LinuxQuiz team accepts ideas for future questions at
[email protected].
Please include the correct answer.