LinuxStart.Com to Sponsor “The Newbie Project”

Los Angeles, California
Wednesday, April 14, 1999

LinuxStart.Com will
sponsor “The Newbie Project.”

LinuxStart.Com today announced that it will sponsor “The Linux
Newbie Project,” and is now in the process of selecting individuals
and/or groups to assist in this implementation at LinuxStart.

LinuxStart.Com spokesman, Lee Buttle stated that, “Linux will
grow as an O.S.- there is no question- but the rate of that growth
will be greatly effected by the quality of clear and useful
information presented to the newbie.”

“In that light, LinuxStart is pleased to take the lead in
providing the organization, direction and support for this
project-so that a resource is developed, which effectively promotes
the O.S.”

“The goal of this project is to make the transition from Windows
to Linux- a painless process.”

According to Victor Goodman, also of LinuxStart.Com, “Windows
Users are used to Flash and Crash, we want this project to be
exciting and truly interactive- our intention is to provide the
flash without the crash!”

“We want a project that will in and of itself, demonstrate the
strengths of Linux.” He continued. “We’ve already have a few
talented volunteers with great backgrounds, and we’re looking for
more!” “This is going to be a real powerful project- it has the
potential of putting this O.S. in front of a lot more people in a
very meaningful way.”

According to LinuxStart webmaster Garry Dolley, “The individuals
selected will have very liberal control of creation and
implementation of the project at LinuxStart. However, some design
parameters will be standardized to maintain overall project

While the results will be permanently housed at LinuxStart.Com,
the content will be available to anyone or group interested in
promoting Linux.

Individuals or groups chosen are to receive full and honorary
credit for their contributions.

Ideal candidates will have knowledge of HTML, CGI, Perl, PHP,
PostgreSQL (sorry MySQL users) JavaScript,etc.

Interested parties should e-mail webmaster@linuxstart.com

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