LWN: Exploring SGML DocBook

Suppose you have to write a handbook for your project and
you have no much time, which editing tool would you use? In Linux
several solutions exist, one of these is using SGML

“SGML, acronym for Standard Generalized Markup Language, is a
markup structured language. The essential characteristic of a
markup language is that it explicitly distinguishes between
document’s semantics and its structure, emphasizing the

“Moreover, since document’s final result is usually based on its
structure and its contents, SGML marks and determines how the
general lines of a given document it will appear to the user,
opening the possibility to use a single source in order to create
differents formats. Every SGML document makes reference to a set of
declarations, called the “DTD” (Document Type Definition), which
contains a list of the available tags and rules on how they may be

“The most famous DTD for SGML is certainly HTML, that surely you
used when you built your web site. Docbook is a DTD purposely
designed (and widely used) in order to create articles, books, and
other technical works, but that does not exclude that it cannot be
used for other document types.”


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