LXQt-Based Lubuntu 17.10 to Ship with Qupzilla by Default, VLC Media Player

From the looks of it, Lubuntu Next 17.10 will be shipping with Qupzilla as default web browser, VLC as default media player (Kubuntu 17.10 also switched to use VLC by default), QTerminal as terminal emulator, PCManFM-Qt file manager, SDDM login screen (also used by Kubuntu), and Muon as graphical package manager. Other default apps that might be pre-installed in Lubuntu Next 17.10 are the LibreOffice office suite, Audacious audio player, qpdfview PDF document viewer, LXImage-Qt image viewer, xscreensaver lock screen application, JuffEd text editor, qps task manager, dhcpcd-ui network manager, and the 2048 game.