Machineofthemonth.com: CD-Audio Duplication Using Linux

Thanks to Glenn Mullikin for this

“Today I will talk about creating an audio cd rom from one that
you already have. This is called CD-AUDIO duplication. What you
will need is the cdrecord program from Schilly. It comes with the
cdda2wav program which you will use also. Also, it includes the
mkisofs program that you use to create various types of cd-roms
(data cds would be an example). But for just duping a cd-audio
disc, you don’t need mkisofs because it is a two-step process.
Basically, you have a cd-audio disk that you want to copy.

“Well, actually, you have alot of flexibility in creating
tracks. You can pick and choose which tracks from which of your
favorite cd-audio disks will be on the “master”. And it’s not
really any harder than copying an entire disc.

“Here’s how…”