Mark Shuttleworth Hints at 14.10 Codename: Utopic Unicorn

In a post on his personal blog Mark Shuttleworth expressed his willing to do something unified and upright, something about which we can be universally proud in the next Ubuntu release, but he also gave us a hint about the codename which 14.10 will have: Utopic Unicorn.


So after the release which probably was most awaited in the last two years, it looks like next we’re gonna meet the Utopic, which is scheduled for release in October 2014. After a praised and successful LTS release, work at Ubuntu+1 has just begun.

And since the long-term supported Trusty comes with well-tested packages (but not the latest) like GNOME 3.8 while the latest is 3.12, we are to expect some bleeding-edge, new packages and groundbreaking changes in 14.10.

It’s a good time to shine a light on umbrageous if understandably imminent undulations in the landscape we love – time to bring systemd to the centre of Ubuntu, time to untwist ourselves from Python 2.x and time to walk a little uphill and, thereby, upstream.

To see what are the guidelines that Ubuntu follows for its codenames, read this tutorial I wrote a while back.

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