Meet new USB Network Gate for Linux 4.0 with the revamped kernel module!


USB Network Gate 4.0 for Linux has been released!

We are happy to announce the release of the latest major update of USB Network Gate for Linux.
This is a Linux users group must-have tool for sharing and accessing remote USB ports over network.

USB Network Gate for Linux version 4.0 came with a number of added features and noteworthy improvements in already existing functionalities.
The major highlights of this upgrade includes:
A completely revamped kernel module for both server and client;
Full module compatibility with the latest kernel versions (up to 4.4)making it even easier to interact with remote USB ports and devices connected to them.

You will find more information about USB Network Gate for Linux here:

I’d be happy to offer you a free license of our software if you are interested in making an article about them. We are also very interested in cooperation with you and would be happy to offer discounts for your group members or arrange a giveaway.