Mesa 13.0.3 Is Out with Multiple Fixes for RadeonSI and Intel ANV Vulkan Drivers

As you can imagine, Mesa 13.0.3 is the third bugfix/stabilization update to the Mesa 13.0.x stable series, bringing a total of 55 fixes for many of the included graphics drivers and libraries, Intel ANV Vulkan, Intel i965, and RadeonSI are the most notable. Mesa 13.0.3 3D Graphics Library is coming five weeks after Mesa 13.0.2. Mesa 13.0.3 now being the most advanced stable version of the 3D graphics library we rely on for Linux gaming and running of various OpenGL applications, should soon make its way into the stable software repositories of your favorite GNU/Linux distribution, that, of course, if you haven’t already switched to the Mesa 13.1-git.