Mesa 17.0.7 to End Support for Mesa 17.0 Series, Prepare to Move to Mesa 17.1

Mesa 17.0.7 is being prepped these days with the last set of bug fixes for the Mesa 17.0 3D Graphics Library, which probably many of you are currently using on their favorite GNU/Linux distributions, some of which were imported from the Mesa 17.1.1 point release that was announced last week. If you’re curious to know what’s new, we can tell you that Mesa 17.0.7 packs support for glXGetDriverConfig in the Mesa GLVND GLX library, which is used by driconf, better handling of BC1 and DXT1 formats for both the Intel i965 OpenGL and ANV Vulkan drivers, as well as uniforms-related fixes to he Intel i965 VEC4 backend.