Mesa 17.1.5 Graphics Stack to Improve Float64 Support for AMD Radeon GPUs, More

Mesa 17.1.5 seems to be a major update adding a lot of changes. For users of AMD Radeon GPUs, the update improves Float64 support by implementing 64-bit packing and unpacking, fixes various issues in the NIR to LLVM translation with image atomic names, repairs VRAM allocation size’s limit, as well as the Factorio game. For Intel users, the Intel i965 OpenGL graphics driver now has a proper maximum surface limit and received a few fixes to be capable of using the “true” distance for antialiased lines in Sandybridge, Ironlake and G45 GPUs. Mesa 17.1.5 also adds various improvements for the Gallivm, Etnaviv, SWR, and SVGA drivers, as well as for the GLSL and SPIR-V compilers.

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