Microsoft.com: Microsoft’s First Witness Refutes Foundation of Government’s Case

Thanks to Brian Turner for
this link.

“The government’s case in the antitrust lawsuit ended weakly on
Wednesday, but Microsoft began its case on a strong note with its
first witness testifying that the company does not have monopoly
power as the government alleges.”

“Referring specifically to Linux, which he said now has
approximately 7.5 million users and nearly 40 small OEM partners
that have decided to gamble on its prospects, Schmalensee said the
viability of this relatively new operating system is no more static
than the industry that is accelerating its growth.”

“‘There are applications being written for Linux by major
manufacturers,’ Schmalensee said. ‘When those applications are
completed, I believe it will be viable in a way that it’s not now –
and that’s a matter of months, not decades.'”


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