Neptune OS 4.2 released, brings Btrfs as default filesystem

Neptune 4.2 Release “It’s all about you” even better Neptune is a GNU/Linux Distribution for desktops based fully upon Debian Stable, except for a newer kernel and some drivers. It ships with a modern KDE Plasma Desktop with its main view on a good looking multimedia system which allows for getting work done. We are proud to announce the release of Neptune 4.2. This service release comes with a brand new kernel 3.16.3 (+bfq I/O Scheduler) which includes many driver updates and improvements in power saving functions. Our improved installer now offers you to install on uefi capable PCs and brings in a new option which allows you to disable sudo for your user during installation. Several security, bugfixes and updates were merged into this release. The bash “shellshock” vulnerability is fixed, Chromium to version 37, LibreOffice to version 4.3.2, Kdenlive to version 0.9.10 and Wireshark to 1.12. For the first time Neptune also ships the btrfs snapshotting tool snapper which can create hourly snapshots of the filesystem.