NethServer 7 RC1 Replaces Snort with Suricata, Adds Deep Packet Inspection

The Beta stage is now over, and NethServer 7 RC1 is here approximately five weeks after the release of the second Beta milestone, bringing a large number of goodies that fans of the server-oriented Linux-based operating system might enjoy. Among the hottest new things implemented since Beta 2, we can mention Deep Packet Inspection for the new firewall, and replacement of Snort with Suricata as default IPS. Other noteworthy features introduced by the first Release Candidate of the upcoming NethServer 7 operating system, which will borrow a lot of core components from upstream (CentOS 7), are implementation of new time conditions to firewall rules, better full-text search for the IMAP server, and two new interfaces, one for restoring data from old backups and the other one for traffic shaping.